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Notice to vendors and local businesses, friends & generous supporters:

The time has come to start the planning for our annual fundraiser for Edwards Animal Sanctuary. Their situation this year is dire. Each day, new arrivals, many pregnant and with major health concerns stress the rescue financially and emotionally.

Last year we raised $25,000 through the bottle drive, online auction, benefit concert and silent auction. This year we hope to reach $40,000. The benefit concert, generously hosted by The Lloyd House Restaurant & Pub (Mount Albert, Ontario) will feature five great bands, and several solo acts. The concert will be held on September 16, 2023. The bottle drive will be held the first weekend after Labour Day, so drink up and save your cans and bottles. The online auction will be held the two weeks prior to the concert.

We hope to see you find a place in our efforts to support this great cause. Use the forms below to indicate your interest or get in touch directly below.

Thank you for your support.

Jack Hammond and the fundraising team

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