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Biscuits. (nicknamed “Schnivets” by Gary)

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

As I watch Biscuits racing around the house this morning, stopping to meow at us to tell us 1) he needs a handful dental kibble in his food bowl 2) the water bowl isn’t quite full enough and 3) I should be laying on the couch so he can be on my lap, I thought I needed to share him with you again.

We honestly couldn’t love this boy more.

When we accepted Biscuits from a local shelter partner, it was to work on litter box training and then I planned to post him for adoption. We worked for months on that, using every trick in the book. It never worked once.

It was during this time we realized he’s got issues.

A lot.


If we are lucky, he will use Pirate’s pee pad and if not, it’s on the tile floor at the front door. He poops under a cat tree or on the laundry mat in the basement once a day. He has mobility issues that appear to be neuro related. His GI system also functions as though he’s a neuro cat. He’s also not the sharpest tool in the shed. He does not understand typical cat cues. To the other cats he’s like the annoying little brother you wish you never had but still love. And because that’s not enough, he also has some nasal dysfunction where he builds up normal nasal discharge and then sneezes a thick solid chunk out every few days, usually on the couch. He’s also got the weird eye discolouration which we continue to monitor.

At 3+ years old, he’s still tiny like a junior kitten and light as a feather.

He’s 100% not adoptable.

But what does one do with a cat like Biscuits? He’s not safe in a barn because of his mobility issue and he’s not smart enough to stay away from predators. He’s a love bug anyway. He follows me around non stop. I often turn around and see him sitting behind me just staring up at me. His favourite thing is to reach up and use our pants like “normal” cats use a scratching post.

I have no doubt, anywhere else he’d be euthanized.

But in our humble opinion…you know the weird ones have our heart…he’s the BEST cat ever. So as you may have guessed, he’s absolutely our cat now. He has full roam of the house because he deserves to live his best life. We weren’t looking for another permanent resident but he’s now our best friend and is loved more than I can even express. We smile and laugh and talk about him all the time.

Welcome to our family.

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