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Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Port Perry Colony Kittens

This adorable crew of 6 from the Port Perry colony is now in the care of foster Nicola. 2 torties, 2 black kittens, a grey kitten and a long hair tabby girl. Oh that tabby girl has my heart. We have some suspicion “Woodstock” is a special needs kitten, possibly swimmer syndrome, but we will know more soon.

Nicola has a bit of a kitten hospital set up as these babies require some treatment for constipation (grey kitten), bloated bellies (all kittens) and eye infection (tortie kitten).

It never ends.

Foster Kari is currently on her way to the Markham colony to pick up another 5 babies secured tonight. Trapping for 3 adults, including mom, is up next.

Better days are ahead for this little one.

Join our rescue family.

Interested in getting involved in our rescue efforts? There are lots of ways to contribute. Check out our website to find out more or click on the button below to make a financial contribution.

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